Garden log 18/01/15

Yeah, I’ve been busy again. Between babies and school holidays and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and general being a mum and running a house, there isn’t much time for things like this. If you want to see what CGS stuff has been happening, go to Just as I haven’t had much time for … Continue reading

Garden log 25/10/14

I’ve actually managed to do quite a bit in the garden and it’s starting to look like one again, instead of the mass of (largely edible, so it kinda counts) weeds that were in there.

Garden log 01/08/14

Ok, it’s more a wilderness log, cos I’ve been neglecting it nastily. Poor thing.

Garden log 11/12/13

        Finally, a few pictures from various angles, so you can admire the overgrownness of the grasses around it and the general ramshackle nature of it all. There’s order in there, I promise.      

Garden log 11/11/13

Well what with all the Montessori-ing I’ve been doing in the last couple of weeks, I neglected the garden a bit. But yesterday and today I got a little bit done. Oh, and don’t even talk to me about carrots. It’s a bitter subject.

Garden log 20/10/13

With a mix of crappy weather, getting the boys’ room sorted, spending time with Sir A at Montessori, and general other busyness (oh yeah, also the week of school holiday), I had been a bit slack in the garden lately. This weekend we had fantabulous weather for the most part, and it coincided with having … Continue reading

Garden log 25/09/13

I’ve had a busy morning in the garden. I should really be making myself something to eat but I can’t be bothered. Maybe I’ll have some more chocolate in the interim. We’ve had a couple of cold days and nights since my last update, but on the whole it’s been warmish and wet. Excellent news … Continue reading

Garden log 21/02/13

Garden log 02/01/13 – courgette!!!

Yeah, yeah, I’ve been busy. With the garden. And stopping my children from murdering each other. And my in-laws came to stay. And making a dress. And general life. But lots of things have happened since I last updated. For example, I went to look at my huge zucchini plant yesterday and found a zucchini … Continue reading