Boyses 15/12/12

I keep wanting to do an update of what the boys are up to and never getting around to it, and then I can never remember what I wanted to say. So I started writing things down occasionally. And now I can’t read it all. *Hangs head.* Basically they’re both geniuses and that covers everything. … Continue reading

The Work Room: aka the No Mess Play Room

Being rather sick of months of coaxing the boys to tidy up the playroom, having parts of toys scattered over the house, and not really knowing what toys we had or the boys were interested in, I hit upon a cunning plan. After a few weeks of Montessori, Lord B had settled in well (read … Continue reading

Boyses 17/11/12

Lord B: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to damage the wall.” “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” The CD player in my bedroom stopped working. Luckily I have the sleep CD plus a couple more of the same kind of music on my phone, so I just have to leave that with Sir A once … Continue reading

Things I’ve learnt the hard way as a parent: Lesson Eleven: Getting ready to go out/tidying up etc doesn’t have to be a necessary evil.

With much reluctance I am slowly accepting the fact that being task orientated is not helpful when one is a full time mother. You know the biblical phrase “you can’t serve God and mammon”? In my case it’s more “you can’t serve God and be really efficient”. Well, maybe some people can – the ones … Continue reading

Learning to behave appropriately at Mass

If you’ve ever been to Mass at St Pius X, Melville, (or a few other places) you’ll have heard my children. When it was just Lord B is was fairly manageable, though I didn’t much enjoy waddling about after him while super pregnant. But once there were two of them it got a whole lot … Continue reading

What’s your name, Mummy?

A few days a go, Lord B shyly said to me, “mm, hh, Mummy, what’s your name?” He seemed somewhat ashamed of not knowing this, and of only just realising he didn’t. “Rosemary”, I said. “Hm, Rosie.” “No, Rosemary.” “Rosie.” “Yes, sure, Rosie.” (I hate being called Rosie.) Then he said, “What’s Daddy’s name?” Well … Continue reading

Check out my new format; and, God is good

The other one wasn’t quite working. The kids have been driving me nuts today. Only made it halfway through Mass this morning – Amazing Husband had a business meeting (sounds flash, huh) in Auckland so he went to silly 0’clock (6.30) Mass. Both boys were awake (waaay to early for them) so he took Sir … Continue reading