Montessori at home 16/01/14 (including how to get your kids to do their own dishes)

I’ve been reading a lot about Montessori lately. I’ve also expanded the repertoire of activities or “works” in the house, and will share some of those eventually, but in the last couple of months I’ve come to realise that what’s important (particularly at home) is not having a shelf full of practical life works, but … Continue reading

Montessori at home

Nope, I haven’t started homeschooling. Sir A has just started Montessori. We started him early, at 2y8m, since Lady S is due two days after his birthday and we wanted him well settled by the time she arrived. With the summer holidays between now and then, he would only have had a couple of weeks … Continue reading

Montessori activities: geography

World map/continents work: (print out world map in various sizes) to make felt continents, need (hard) felt in correct colours, printables above, board of some description to attach “globes” to; labels; basket; container for labels

Montessori activities: science

Magnetic vs non-magnetic need: tray or card with two sections, labelled “magnetic” and “non-magnetic”; two baskets; variety of small magnetic/non-magnetic objects (approx 9 of each); magnet Zoo scavenger hunt: Zoo animals and where they live need: printouts, animals, coloured pencils

Montessori activities: sensory

Homemade sandpaper letters: need puffy paint 1 cup flour 1 cup salt 1/2-3/4 cup water cardstock squeezy bottles food colouring Peg art: Need: round or square piece of wood; ideally a drill and wooden pegs, or nails/tacks; yarn or elastic bags

Montessori activities – practical life

Spooning with a funnel: Materials required: tray; bottles or containers that need a funnel to fill; small measuring spoon; jar to hold small grain; quinoa for jar; (container to hold spoon and funnel) Washing a table: Materials required: a cloth or tray; a jug; a basin; a bucket; a brush on a dish; … Continue reading

The Work Room: aka the No Mess Play Room

Being rather sick of months of coaxing the boys to tidy up the playroom, having parts of toys scattered over the house, and not really knowing what toys we had or the boys were interested in, I hit upon a cunning plan. After a few weeks of Montessori, Lord B had settled in well (read … Continue reading

Things I’ve learnt the hard way as a parent: Lesson Eleven: Getting ready to go out/tidying up etc doesn’t have to be a necessary evil.

With much reluctance I am slowly accepting the fact that being task orientated is not helpful when one is a full time mother. You know the biblical phrase “you can’t serve God and mammon”? In my case it’s more “you can’t serve God and be really efficient”. Well, maybe some people can – the ones … Continue reading

Lord B starts school

Lord B turned 3 a month ago. In New Zealand most kids start preschool around 3 – partly or largely, I’m not sure which, because they get 20 hours free funding from when they’re 3. Instead of sending him to a free kindy down the road, we decided that the Montessori way of education was … Continue reading