Oaty snacks: dairy free, wheat free, sugar free, nut free, can be egg free

Two things inspired the creation of this recipe: first, Lord B is now staying at Montessori for 1 lunch a week, which will go up to two next term and end up 5 by the time he’s five – there is a strict no nut policy, which makes things awkward since he doesn’t do dairy … Continue reading

Boyses 15/12/12

I keep wanting to do an update of what the boys are up to and never getting around to it, and then I can never remember what I wanted to say. So I started writing things down occasionally. And now I can’t read it all. *Hangs head.* Basically they’re both geniuses and that covers everything. … Continue reading

Boyses 17/11/12

Lord B: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to damage the wall.” “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” The CD player in my bedroom stopped working. Luckily I have the sleep CD plus a couple more of the same kind of music on my phone, so I just have to leave that with Sir A once … Continue reading

Things I’ve learnt the hard way as a parent: Lesson Eleven: Getting ready to go out/tidying up etc doesn’t have to be a necessary evil.

With much reluctance I am slowly accepting the fact that being task orientated is not helpful when one is a full time mother. You know the biblical phrase “you can’t serve God and mammon”? In my case it’s more “you can’t serve God and be really efficient”. Well, maybe some people can – the ones … Continue reading

What a day.

Today was a surprisingly good day. An exceptionally busy and tiring one, but good. By good I mean that I got lots of things done, had some good bonding time with the kids, and didn’t shout. Not once. Really. After Mass we said goodbye to Daddy for the day and headed off to the shops. … Continue reading

Learning to behave appropriately at Mass

If you’ve ever been to Mass at St Pius X, Melville, (or a few other places) you’ll have heard my children. When it was just Lord B is was fairly manageable, though I didn’t much enjoy waddling about after him while super pregnant. But once there were two of them it got a whole lot … Continue reading

What’s your name, Mummy?

A few days a go, Lord B shyly said to me, “mm, hh, Mummy, what’s your name?” He seemed somewhat ashamed of not knowing this, and of only just realising he didn’t. “Rosemary”, I said. “Hm, Rosie.” “No, Rosemary.” “Rosie.” “Yes, sure, Rosie.” (I hate being called Rosie.) Then he said, “What’s Daddy’s name?” Well … Continue reading

Boyses 28/09/12

Sir A is learning words and phrases at an alarming rate. In the last few days he’s started saying “dirty”, “don’t do that”, “James” (the train), “I don’t like that”, “see you later”, “in there” when he wants to go somewhere, t-shirt, jersey, juice. Eggies, shoe. I forget the others. “Oh no, all baba (broken)”, … Continue reading

Names and titles

I thought I should probably explain the names of my children a bit. I’ve tried to be consistent in how I refer to them, but may not have succeeded, and also it’s boring. So here’s who they are, and sometimes why. Lord B. His real name is Benedict. Uncle Joshy (or Brother? if I’m his … Continue reading

African Baby gets a mop chop

African Baby has pretty curly hair. If he didn’t, it would hang well over his collar. I decided it was finally time for a no4. African Baby thought the clippers were very interesting. Unfortunately, he didn’t much like them on his head. The result? Cue waiting for Daddy so I can feed African Baby while … Continue reading