Garden log 11/12/13

        Finally, a few pictures from various angles, so you can admire the overgrownness of the grasses around it and the general ramshackle nature of it all. There’s order in there, I promise.       Advertisements

Garden log 25/09/13

I’ve had a busy morning in the garden. I should really be making myself something to eat but I can’t be bothered. Maybe I’ll have some more chocolate in the interim. We’ve had a couple of cold days and nights since my last update, but on the whole it’s been warmish and wet. Excellent news … Continue reading

Garden log 24/03/13

Oh how slack I’ve become. Meh. Also, it seems the boys have been fingering the lense. Oh well, gives everything a slightly ethereal look? Lord B helped me mulch today. We have a tibouchina above a bit of mossy lawn that drops leaves and petals all year round. Got over a wheelbarrow full of the … Continue reading

Garden log 31/01/13