Garden log 25/10/14

I’ve actually managed to do quite a bit in the garden and it’s starting to look like one again, instead of the mass of (largely edible, so it kinda counts) weeds that were in there. Advertisements

Garden log 13/09/14

Ok, actually the pics are from a few days ago, but I didn’t get a chance to do anything with them. I’ve finally started sorted out the garden again. I had been thinking something was off in it and eventually clicked that I was rotating my beds in the wrong direction. D’oh! I had spent … Continue reading

Garden log 04/02/14

Yeah it’s been a while. I haven’t had a whole heap of time for gardening and plus having a giant stomach makes it kinda awkward. A wonderful friend is coming over to help me catch up a bit tomorrow, but here’s how we stand for now.      

Garden log 11/11/13

Well what with all the Montessori-ing I’ve been doing in the last couple of weeks, I neglected the garden a bit. But yesterday and today I got a little bit done. Oh, and don’t even talk to me about carrots. It’s a bitter subject.

Garden log 25/09/13

I’ve had a busy morning in the garden. I should really be making myself something to eat but I can’t be bothered. Maybe I’ll have some more chocolate in the interim. We’ve had a couple of cold days and nights since my last update, but on the whole it’s been warmish and wet. Excellent news … Continue reading

Garden log 13/09/13

Direct sowed some beetroot, red silverbeet, kale, carrots, lettuces, broccoli, celery. Cunningly put down seed raising mix first, in the hopes it’ll help germination. Just realised I forgot to take a photo of the strawberry flowers – very exciting! Will get one when there are more. All the gourds I sowed inside have germinated. Except … Continue reading

Garden log 31/08/13

  That was a few days ago. AH took the boys to the airport (1.5hrs away) today to see Ouma off, so I got a good chunk of time in the garden and did quite a bit of weeding. I also sowed some bergamot, some swan plants, some bishop’s flower, and some gaura the bride … Continue reading

Garden log 11/08/13

You thought I’d given up on blogging, didn’t ya? Well, I couldn’t really be that bothered but also I’ve been growing a person, which takes a bit of effort. Plus it was winter. Who does stuff in winter? But I’ve decided it’s now spring. Earlier in the week I cleaned up a couple of the … Continue reading

Garden log 27/05/13

As usual it’s been a while since I’ve said anything about the garden. Actually about anything. Oh well. We had a beautiful day here on Friday last week. Lord B was home sick, but not super sick – more crash-around-lunchtime-and-be-super-whingy-for-the-rest-of-the-day kind of sick. Sadly takes after his mother. I decided we all needed to make … Continue reading

Garden log 20/04/13

I have news! And further proof that sowing several different things at once without recording what is where is a bad idea. What I thought for ages was lots of radishes is actually buckwheat. Interesting mistake to make. And my mystery plant from the last garden log is the radishes! At least now I know … Continue reading