Boyses 15/12/12

I keep wanting to do an update of what the boys are up to and never getting around to it, and then I can never remember what I wanted to say. So I started writing things down occasionally. And now I can’t read it all. *Hangs head.* Basically they’re both geniuses and that covers everything. … Continue reading

Boyses 17/11/12

Lord B: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to damage the wall.” “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” The CD player in my bedroom stopped working. Luckily I have the sleep CD plus a couple more of the same kind of music on my phone, so I just have to leave that with Sir A once … Continue reading

Boyses 31/10/12

Lord B, “I have an idea. I’ll go get the bink.” Me, “That’s a good idea.” Lord B trots off to the stairs to go get it from his room. The blanket. On the way up the stairs says, “I’ll get the bink Mumi.” Thinking he said Mummy (happens all the time) I repeat that … Continue reading