Boyses 15/12/12

I keep wanting to do an update of what the boys are up to and never getting around to it, and then I can never remember what I wanted to say. So I started writing things down occasionally. And now I can’t read it all. *Hangs head.* Basically they’re both geniuses and that covers everything. … Continue reading

And a 21 month old understands sadness

Last night I was getting Sir A down and Lord B started having a huge wail elsewhere in the house. Sir A listened for a moment then said, ‘Sad, Bobi’. Ergo, a child as young as 21 months can recognise the emotion of sadness. In your face, naysayers.

Not shouting

So just before I said all about my day. (Actually Lord B isn’t quite asleep – I tried to extract my foot and he attempted to spirit my hand away from the keys, so I had to give my foot back.) I just wanted to elaborate on how amazing it is that there was no … Continue reading