Things I’ve learnt the hard way as a parent: Lesson two: you can’t change reality

Lesson two: you can’t change reality First aspect of reality? Lesson One. Much as we’d all love to be able to get out a user’s manual for our kids, it’s really our job to write that manual, with their help, so they can read it later on. Second aspect of reality? Perfection is impossible. This … Continue reading

The Separation Anxiety of Lord B, and how we helped him overcome it OR Part One of the biography of Lord B (it’s kinda long)

I was going to wait till this was complete before publishing it, but it’s already almost 2500 words, and who’d read it if it were any longer? And all the readers close the window. Anyway, here’s part 1, and hopefully the subsequent parts will be riddled with Success and Independent Children. 10/08/12 Lord B has … Continue reading

Introducing African Baby

[Disclaimer: this post contains material that some viewers may find offensive. Specifically, those who view breasts as sexual objects rather than the large teats that they are.] Meet African Baby (otherwise referred to as Sir A). Oh wait, that’s not the right picture. Let’s try again. Hmm. Third time lucky? Ah, there he is. From … Continue reading