Montessori activities: geography

World map/continents work: (print out world map in various sizes) to make felt continents, need (hard) felt in correct colours, printables above, board of some description to attach “globes” to; labels; basket; container for labels Advertisements

Montessori activities: science

Magnetic vs non-magnetic need: tray or card with two sections, labelled “magnetic” and “non-magnetic”; two baskets; variety of small magnetic/non-magnetic objects (approx 9 of each); magnet Zoo scavenger hunt: Zoo animals and where they live need: printouts, animals, coloured pencils

Montessori activities: sensory

Homemade sandpaper letters: need puffy paint 1 cup flour 1 cup salt 1/2-3/4 cup water cardstock squeezy bottles food colouring Peg art: Need: round or square piece of wood; ideally a drill and wooden pegs, or nails/tacks; yarn or elastic bags

Montessori activities – practical life

Spooning with a funnel: Materials required: tray; bottles or containers that need a funnel to fill; small measuring spoon; jar to hold small grain; quinoa for jar; (container to hold spoon and funnel) Washing a table: Materials required: a cloth or tray; a jug; a basin; a bucket; a brush on a dish; … Continue reading

Six Steps to a Peaceful Toddler Meal Time

Six Steps to a Peaceful Toddler Meal Time. This is very interesting. Wonder if it’ll help us…

Nut, seed, oat, garlic, rosemary crackers

Yes, I know the rosemary is cannabalism. I’m ok with that. I’ve tried a few cracker recipes. These are the best ones I’ve ever made. Light, crispy, and DELICIOUS. I made this bread a couple of times, then as mini muffins for ease of grabbing and taking/eating. But every time Sir A ate some (he loved … Continue reading

Originally posted on Abundant Life Children:
Several months ago, I wrote about my journey into respectful, punishment-free parenting.  If you haven’t read it yet, you might find it helpful to click here and read it first. A large amount of my writing focuses on honoring a child’s need, hearing the child’s voice, and respectfully guiding…

Water kefir; Legion 2.0

Ages ago I posted about water kefir. I was never too convinced I was doing it right, so when someone offered me some fresh grains I jumped at the chance. She also gave me some awesome instructions: 2 T water kefir grains 2 T sugar – white 1/2 lemon (cut of skin if not organic) … Continue reading

Originally posted on Parenting From Scratch:
Being a parent has taught me to see children through a new set of eyes. Rather, through being a connected-parent-who-is-focused-on-child-development-and-nonviolent-communication, I have come to see children’s behavior through a new set of eyes. Behavior can be a bit misleading, especially when it tugs on my emotional triggers, and I…

The Separation Anxiety of Lord B, and how we helped him overcome it OR Part One of the biography of Lord B (it’s kinda long)

I was going to wait till this was complete before publishing it, but it’s already almost 2500 words, and who’d read it if it were any longer? And all the readers close the window. Anyway, here’s part 1, and hopefully the subsequent parts will be riddled with Success and Independent Children. 10/08/12 Lord B has … Continue reading