The nice, fancy, not inexpensive brolly sheet I used on my bed when Sir A slept there was past its use by date and I knew I’d need one for Lady S, but didn’t feel like buying a new one. Enter cunning idea. The waterproof layer of the brolly sheet was still good, so I … Continue reading

Boys’ room makeover

In preparation for the impending arrival (well, we have about 4 months to go), Sir A has been moved in with Lord B. He now sleeps through the night fairly consistently (I really must finish that draft…) and I wanted to do it as early as possible so we could get them sleeping together and … Continue reading

The Lunch Bag

Lord B has recently started staying at Montessori for lunch. It was just Fridays for a couple of weeks but he keeps asking to stay more days so it’ll be Mondays and Fridays from next week. Then we’ll see. Sir A starts next term and I want to keep double pickups out of the picture … Continue reading


I haven’t made any clothes for myself since just before Sir A was born, I don’t think. Oh, that’s not quite true. I’ve made one top. But I certainly haven’t done anything since we moved in 9 months ago, partly cos of lack of time (thanks boys) and partly cos my machine was being a … Continue reading