Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

If you’ve been following my blog or know me, you know two things. Hopefully. One, we’re Catholic; two, the kids go to Montessori. We love Montessori. And being Catholic. And what’s better than just one or the other? The two combined. You read right, being Catholic Montessori styles. That doesn’t mean we all get up … Continue reading

St Nicholas

Since Lord B very much understands the concept of presents this year, as well as many other things, we decided we needed to do something different so that he got the idea of what Christmas is really about, instead of just thinking it was a time for presents and trees. He really likes Christmas trees. … Continue reading

Learning to behave appropriately at Mass

If you’ve ever been to Mass at St Pius X, Melville, (or a few other places) you’ll have heard my children. When it was just Lord B is was fairly manageable, though I didn’t much enjoy waddling about after him while super pregnant. But once there were two of them it got a whole lot … Continue reading