Boyses 12/05/13

Puzzles Sir A is super into puzzles now that he’s figured them out. He’s mastered all the 9 and 12 piece ones, the big 36 piece animal/alphabet puzzle, and will no doubt figure out the 35 piece cars puzzles I bought the other day. All easy peasy for Lord B. I think it’s time to … Continue reading

Why we changed our minds about smacking

Summary (for those too lazy busy to read the whole thing). We’ve come to view treating¬†symptoms¬†(punishing) as far less effective than treating causes. We find punishment demeaning and disrespectful. Smacking a child for smacking (a common unacceptable behaviour) seems hypocritical. There’s plenty of evidence that suggests smacking causes more harm than good. There are plenty … Continue reading

Things I’ve learnt the hard way as a parent

I’ve learnt lots of useful things over the last almost 3 years as a parent. Before I forget them or they become instinctive I thought I’d write them down. They might even help someone else out. Here’s the list. As I write each post I’ll kindly add a link so you can read more of … Continue reading

Not shouting

So just before I said all about my day. (Actually Lord B isn’t quite asleep – I tried to extract my foot and he attempted to spirit my hand away from the keys, so I had to give my foot back.) I just wanted to elaborate on how amazing it is that there was no … Continue reading

Check out my new format; and, God is good

The other one wasn’t quite working. The kids have been driving me nuts today. Only made it halfway through Mass this morning – Amazing Husband had a business meeting (sounds flash, huh) in Auckland so he went to silly 0’clock (6.30) Mass. Both boys were awake (waaay to early for them) so he took Sir … Continue reading

It’s not feelings that are the problem, it’s how they’re dealt with

Well I kinda planned on having a nice, neutral topic for my first real blog entry. You know, something really inoffensive like what my garden’s up to (need to keep track it of somewhere), but something happened this morning that got me thinking about feelings and, er, I need to express my feelings on the … Continue reading