Montessori at home

Nope, I haven’t started homeschooling. Sir A has just started Montessori. We started him early, at 2y8m, since Lady S is due two days after his birthday and we wanted him well settled by the time she arrived. With the summer holidays between now and then, he would only have had a couple of weeks … Continue reading

Day 4 of being awesome

So the reason I was wanting to change things around here was so the kids would play together again, we’d all have more fun, I’d get more stuff done, and I’d regain my sanity. Took all of 2 days. Of course it hasn’t been perfect, but today the boys spent the majority of the afternoon … Continue reading

Day 2 of better parenting take ??

Well it’s certainly not the first time I’ve turned over a new parenting leaf, but it is one that seems to be going well 😀 Day 2 of Lord B not being treated like a baby went really well. After school, Sir A woke at annoying time (as usual) and I had to feed him … Continue reading

Why we changed our minds about smacking

Summary (for those too lazy busy to read the whole thing). We’ve come to view treating symptoms (punishing) as far less effective than treating causes. We find punishment demeaning and disrespectful. Smacking a child for smacking (a common unacceptable behaviour) seems hypocritical. There’s plenty of evidence that suggests smacking causes more harm than good. There are plenty … Continue reading

Things I’ve learnt the hard way as a parent

I’ve learnt lots of useful things over the last almost 3 years as a parent. Before I forget them or they become instinctive I thought I’d write them down. They might even help someone else out. Here’s the list. As I write each post I’ll kindly add a link so you can read more of … Continue reading

Not shouting

So just before I said all about my day. (Actually Lord B isn’t quite asleep – I tried to extract my foot and he attempted to spirit my hand away from the keys, so I had to give my foot back.) I just wanted to elaborate on how amazing it is that there was no … Continue reading

Learning to behave appropriately at Mass

If you’ve ever been to Mass at St Pius X, Melville, (or a few other places) you’ll have heard my children. When it was just Lord B is was fairly manageable, though I didn’t much enjoy waddling about after him while super pregnant. But once there were two of them it got a whole lot … Continue reading