Boyses 30/03/13 – brotherly love (and resulting motherly sanity)

The boyses have been playing together really well lately. As in I can actually not see them for tens of minutes at a time while they play in the sandpit or with their trains or ride their bikes or push each other around in the pram or whatever else they come up with. I’m putting … Continue reading

Why we changed our minds about smacking

Summary (for those too lazy busy to read the whole thing). We’ve come to view treating symptoms (punishing) as far less effective than treating causes. We find punishment demeaning and disrespectful. Smacking a child for smacking (a common unacceptable behaviour) seems hypocritical. There’s plenty of evidence that suggests smacking causes more harm than good. There are plenty … Continue reading

And a 21 month old understands sadness

Last night I was getting Sir A down and Lord B started having a huge wail elsewhere in the house. Sir A listened for a moment then said, ‘Sad, Bobi’. Ergo, a child as young as 21 months can recognise the emotion of sadness. In your face, naysayers.

Boyses 17/11/12

Lord B: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to damage the wall.” “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” The CD player in my bedroom stopped working. Luckily I have the sleep CD plus a couple more of the same kind of music on my phone, so I just have to leave that with Sir A once … Continue reading

It’s official: a 20 month old can understand the emotion fear

In my first ever rant post I ranted about how toddlers have feelings and can understand them if helped. Shortly after that I ruminated on whether I’d be able to teach Sir A to sign emotions so I could get some idea of how young is not too young. Well, I didn’t make too much effort with … Continue reading

Things I’ve learnt the hard way as a parent

I’ve learnt lots of useful things over the last almost 3 years as a parent. Before I forget them or they become instinctive I thought I’d write them down. They might even help someone else out. Here’s the list. As I write each post I’ll kindly add a link so you can read more of … Continue reading

Not shouting

So just before I said all about my day. (Actually Lord B isn’t quite asleep – I tried to extract my foot and he attempted to spirit my hand away from the keys, so I had to give my foot back.) I just wanted to elaborate on how amazing it is that there was no … Continue reading

Baby sign language

Today I’ve been ruminating on a comment made by Ian, that he wondered if his youngest (3 or so weeks younger than Sir A) had the ability to sign an emotion. Not being her mother I can hardly experiment on her to find out, but I can experiment on Sir A. We ‘started’ our baby … Continue reading

It’s not feelings that are the problem, it’s how they’re dealt with

Well I kinda planned on having a nice, neutral topic for my first real blog entry. You know, something really inoffensive like what my garden’s up to (need to keep track it of somewhere), but something happened this morning that got me thinking about feelings and, er, I need to express my feelings on the … Continue reading