School holidays: fun! (sarcasm font)

Well it’s the winter holidays. It’s cold and wet and the boys declined attending the extra week that their preschool offers, so they’re home for 2 weeks. I love them dearly, but with the demands of their little sister I can’t give them amazing amounts of attention and it’s pretty hard having things set up … Continue reading

Montessori at home

Nope, I haven’t started homeschooling. Sir A has just started Montessori. We started him early, at 2y8m, since Lady S is due two days after his birthday and we wanted him well settled by the time she arrived. With the summer holidays between now and then, he would only have had a couple of weeks … Continue reading

Boyses 12/05/13

Puzzles Sir A is super into puzzles now that he’s figured them out. He’s mastered all the 9 and 12 piece ones, the big 36 piece animal/alphabet puzzle, and will no doubt figure out the 35 piece cars puzzles I bought the other day. All easy peasy for Lord B. I think it’s time to … Continue reading

Day 4 of being awesome

So the reason I was wanting to change things around here was so the kids would play together again, we’d all have more fun, I’d get more stuff done, and I’d regain my sanity. Took all of 2 days. Of course it hasn’t been perfect, but today the boys spent the majority of the afternoon … Continue reading

Boyses 30/01/13

Oh how sweet my boyses are. Lord B goes back to school So yesterday Lord B went back to school. He was not keen on the idea, being convinced he was going to miss us horribly. Mrs Townsend understands his nature and was fine with me sitting on the “resting chair” for a bit while … Continue reading

Lord B starts school

Lord B turned 3 a month ago. In New Zealand most kids start preschool around 3 – partly or largely, I’m not sure which, because they get 20 hours free funding from when they’re 3. Instead of sending him to a free kindy down the road, we decided that the Montessori way of education was … Continue reading