It’s official: a 20 month old can understand the emotion fear

In my first ever rant post I ranted about how toddlers have feelings and can understand them if helped. Shortly after that I ruminated on whether I’d be able to teach Sir A to sign emotions so I could get some idea of how young is not too young. Well, I didn’t make too much effort with … Continue reading

More sayings from the boys

Well Sir Smoochie has acquired quite a few more words since my last post. He’s also really into adding a “t” to the end of words. Like “more” becomes “mort”. It’s pretty cute. Duh. New words: Bant, for pants or shorts. He also tries to put them on and can’t quite understand why they need … Continue reading

From nappies to undies, Lord B

Toilet training is something a lot of parents dread, apparently. I suppose there are lots of reasons for it going wrong, like starting too early, expecting too much too soon, getting angry with a child who has accidents (thus making them more anxious and more likely to have accidents). I like to think I’ve come … Continue reading

What’re the boys saying?

This is mostly a recordkeeping post, but may afford amusement to readers. It’s hard to transliterate a lot of what comes out of the boys’ mouths, but I’ll do my best! Sir A has recently picked “I need it” from his brother. Sure you do. He has a very garbled version of splash, used whenever … Continue reading

Baby sign language

Today I’ve been ruminating on a comment made by Ian, that he wondered if his youngest (3 or so weeks younger than Sir A) had the ability to sign an emotion. Not being her mother I can hardly experiment on her to find out, but I can experiment on Sir A. We ‘started’ our baby … Continue reading