Yummo lunch – kumara salad

Kumara, Henderson’s bacon, Abella buffalo feta, avocado, sauerkraut, bean “hummus”, karengo (nz seaweed). Advertisements

PANNA COTTA EASTER BUNNY (dairy free, gluten free, sugar free)

While on the Easter treat theme… I got this bunny mould for a few dollars and was stuck for what to put in it, then remembered I haven’t made panna cotta for ages. (I did also make a very solidly chocolate bunny out of cocoa butter, cocoa, and maple syrup. We haven’t finished it yet.) … Continue reading

CHOCOLATE-COVERED COCONUT BITES (with minty option) (pretty much allergen free)

Being very strictly dairy free this Easter (sweet Lady S is dairy intolerant too, surprise surprise, and Sir A is getting a lot more milk from me that he was pre-birth so I’d have to for him anyway), and having limited time in the kitchen, I had to come up with some quick and easy … Continue reading

Breakfast cookies (dairy free, sugar free, (gluten free)

Sir A is still having eczema issues. It’s only on the back of his knees now, which is nice, but still not ideal. I took another look at his allergy report from 2 years ago in the hopes it’d help me avoid having to do another one. Peanuts, apparently. He’d been eating a LOT of … Continue reading

A mostly fermented lunch

I hate lunch, and I know I’m not alone. But it must be eaten, generally. Now most people won’t have these things just lying around their fridges like I do, but if you do, chuck ’em together for an exceptionally healthy and delicious (not to mention easy) lunch.

Nut, seed, oat, garlic, rosemary crackers

Yes, I know the rosemary is cannabalism. I’m ok with that. I’ve tried a few cracker recipes. These are the best ones I’ve ever made. Light, crispy, and DELICIOUS. I made this┬ábread a couple of times, then as mini muffins for ease of grabbing and taking/eating. But every time Sir A ate some (he loved … Continue reading

Nut cheese

I love cheese. Like loooooooove. Unfortunately, cheese doesn’t love me. Also, I’m strictly dairy free next time I’m pregnant in the hopes that baby number 3 is reflux free. Now I could try making goat cheese. But that would require a supply of fresh goat’s milk. Also, Sir A wasn’t great with goat’s milk either. … Continue reading

Crunchy yumness

A while back I saw this recipe in Chocolate Covered Katie and thought it looked worth a go. So I acquired some rice bubbles and proceeded to do nothing about it for weeks. A few days ago I made a version similar to hers, only with a bit of real chocolate too. It was pretty … Continue reading

Hippy Group

Some of you already know all about hippy group, but for those that don’t… A couple of friends and I started up a group focussed on being healthy naturally. We meet up once a week and do Healthy things. So far we’ve done juicing with a lovely lady called Barbara, had a talk on fluoridation … Continue reading