Wheat free sourdough

I’ve had a couple of people wanting my sourdough recipe lately, so figured linking them to it would be much easier than searching messages for instructions or rewriting it each time I’m asked. Which may be never again, but if it’s not, I’m covered. Making your own bread means you can avoid all the crap … Continue reading

Yummo lunch – kumara salad

Kumara, Henderson’s bacon, Abella buffalo feta, avocado, sauerkraut, bean “hummus”, karengo (nz seaweed).


So easy you can’t go wrong. I don’t think. All you need is oat flour (whizz oats in the food processor or blender till as fine as it’ll get), water kefir, dried fruit and spices, and a dash of molasses for hot cross buns.  

A mostly fermented lunch

I hate lunch, and I know I’m not alone. But it must be eaten, generally. Now most people won’t have these things just lying around their fridges like I do, but if you do, chuck ’em together for an exceptionally healthy and delicious (not to mention easy) lunch.

Hot cross buns

Technically I should be eating hot cross buns on Good Friday, but I decided to try some sourdough ones this year and they were going to take 2 days to make – so if they were a flop, I wanted time to make some more. I think that’s my excuse, anyway. This recipe looked the … Continue reading

Fermented oat cake

Yeah, you’re drooling right now, aren’t you? I knew that title would make you demand a piece on your plate right now. The recipe is here. I actually didn’t change stuff this time! Ok that’s not totally true; I used coconut cream and water instead of coconut milk, and less sweetener. Much less. And I … Continue reading

Nut cheese

I love cheese. Like loooooooove. Unfortunately, cheese doesn’t love me. Also, I’m strictly dairy free next time I’m pregnant in the hopes that baby number 3 is reflux free. Now I could try making goat cheese. But that would require a supply of fresh goat’s milk. Also, Sir A wasn’t great with goat’s milk either. … Continue reading

Water kefir; Legion 2.0

Ages ago I posted about water kefir. I was never too convinced I was doing it right, so when someone offered me some fresh grains I jumped at the chance. She also gave me some awesome instructions: 2 T water kefir grains 2 T sugar – white 1/2 lemon (cut of skin if not organic) … Continue reading

November Hippy Group (part one – juicing)

This month we relived our first ever hippy group meeting back in April. Or was it May? Pretty sure it was April. Barbera Wiseman, who used to own a shop (Wises Organics) that I often went past and wanted to stop in at but was always in a hurry to get somewhere else and never … Continue reading

Hippy group episode two (of the September meet up)

Not having got through all we wanted to and getting all excited about Marietta’s goat’s cheese we had a second episode of our September meet up (though in October; details!) After much yacking and admiring Marietta’s vege garden, we got onto how to make her goat’s cheese. She has a goat. It was milked early … Continue reading