Cream of whatever-you-like soup

One day I had leftover bean, cauliflower, and spring onion salad. We’d had it for dinner twice and I didn’t fancy it again. How to make it delicious? I first tried blending it up and pattyfying it, but it didn’t stay together well. So I chucked it in a pot, added some coconut cream, and … Continue reading

A mostly fermented lunch

I hate lunch, and I know I’m not alone. But it must be eaten, generally. Now most people won’t have these things just lying around their fridges like I do, but if you do, chuck ’em together for an exceptionally healthy and delicious (not to mention easy) lunch.

Savoury quinoa flapjacks

I had some quinoa left over from dinner (and what an uninspiring dinner it was) that I didn’t know what to do with. Suddenly,¬†inspiration¬†struck – quinoa flapjacks. I kinda made them up as I went along (what a surprise), but I think these are roughly the proportions! 350ml cooked quinoa 2 eggs basil, parsely, chives … Continue reading