Fish and chips

Again, so simple it’s not really a recipe. An hour before wanting to eat, put oven on 180 fanbake, wash and cut into chips as many spuds as you want, put them in stainless steel roasting dish with coconut oil, mix up to coat well once oil is melted. If you’re making vege juice, wash … Continue reading


I feel a little silly writing up this post and the next, cos they’re so ridiculously simple, but hey, it’s for my husband’s benefit more than anyone else and he needs proper instructions 🙂 There are two ways I tend to cook sausages. Either I chuck them in the oven at 180 for 45-50 minutes … Continue reading

Chicken in wine, onion, and current sauce (allergen friendly)

This is a super easy (and much cheaper) version of a delicious Italian chicken dish I first made for my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary. My brother had to buy the alcohol for me with their money cos I was too young and poor lol. Ingredients: Chicken meat of choice to do your family for 1 … Continue reading

Easy curry (mince or chicken) – allergen friendly

My kids LOVE butter chicken, but being full of cream, it does not love them. I had made a Thai curry with coconut cream and peanut butter but went off it after a few meals. One day I didn’t know what to do with some chicken, having overdone my wine and current chicken bake (will … Continue reading

Super easy (and delicious) burger patties (allergen friendly)

I’m leaving my husband in charge of the house for 6 days next week. He really likes instructions to be written down, so I thought I’d better do that for a few recipes. I’ll have to add pictures later. This recipe will do us for two dinners – two adults and two kids with fairly … Continue reading

Cream of whatever-you-like soup

One day I had leftover bean, cauliflower, and spring onion salad. We’d had it for dinner twice and I didn’t fancy it again. How to make it delicious? I first tried blending it up and pattyfying it, but it didn’t stay together well. So I chucked it in a pot, added some coconut cream, and … Continue reading

Amazing raw beafsteak

We’re trying to eat more raw food, cos most things are better raw. Not all. But lots. A few weeks ago I acquired a large roll of steak from Gilmour’s and sliced it up and froze it all. The first time I used some I cooked it, cos it needs to freeze for at least … Continue reading

Homemade meat patties

Again, the pictures will not be fabulous, but these are yum. Not yum enough for Lord B to eat (though he will usually eat a patty with nothing added and smothered in tomato sauce – we use All Gold cos it’s delish and relatively crap free). Ingredients: (makes dinner for us for 2 nights, plus sometimes … Continue reading

Thai chicken curry

I’m not a huge fan of Indian, but I do like Thai curries if they’re not too hot. What? I was brought up on boiled meat, boiled potatoes, and boiled veg. Ok not everything was boiled, but it was pretty bland English fare. My husband, on the other hand, LOVES curry, and so does Lord … Continue reading