A mostly fermented lunch

I hate lunch, and I know I’m not alone. But it must be eaten, generally. Now most people won’t have these things just lying around their fridges like I do, but if you do, chuck ’em together for an exceptionally healthy and delicious (not to mention easy) lunch. Advertisements

Nut cheese

I love cheese. Like loooooooove. Unfortunately, cheese doesn’t love me. Also, I’m strictly dairy free next time I’m pregnant in the hopes that baby number 3 is reflux free. Now I could try making goat cheese. But that would require a supply of fresh goat’s milk. Also, Sir A wasn’t great with goat’s milk either. … Continue reading

Hippy Group

Some of you already know all about hippy group, but for those that don’t… A couple of friends and I started up a group focussed on being healthy naturally. We meet up once a week and do Healthy things. So far we’ve done juicing with a lovely lady called Barbara, had a talk on fluoridation … Continue reading