Garden log 25/10/14

I’ve actually managed to do quite a bit in the garden and it’s starting to look like one again, instead of the mass of (largely edible, so it kinda counts) weeds that were in there. Advertisements

Garden log 24/03/13

Oh how slack I’ve become. Meh. Also, it seems the boys have been fingering the lense. Oh well, gives everything a slightly ethereal look? Lord B helped me mulch today. We have a tibouchina above a bit of mossy lawn that drops leaves and petals all year round. Got over a wheelbarrow full of the … Continue reading

Garden log 21/02/13

Building my garden

A record of the construction of what is going to be an awesome (inspiring much awe) organic vegetable garden. Oh how I hope. As at the morning of August 3: By late afternoon it looked like this: <br Finally all dug up. Starting to lay the bricks. /> As at 01 Sep. Just got a … Continue reading

Rosemary’s rosemary, and other things

So apparently it’s a good idea to keep a gardening journal and I thought this would be a good place to do it. Planted garlic midwinter day ish. As at 31 July: Started some seedlings a few weeks ago – kale and cabbage. Nothing else germinated. Planted them out last week and they’re still alive … Continue reading