My vege garden: from start to plant ready

First of all I’d just like to say that I’ve done a LOT of planning for this garden. I read several books and many websites, and ruminated at length. Much of this rumination took place while staring out of the playroom window at rain, supervising children, unable to get out there, and plus not quite … Continue reading

Garden log 28/09/12

15 September Sowed (inside): 2x celery (as at 28/09 not get germinated – supposed to be a slow germinator) 1x mini cucumber. Has germinated and doing well. 2x broccoli. Both have germinated but look kinda mouldy and not doing so well. 1x cherry tomato – two seeds germinated. 1x pear tomato – has germinated. 3x … Continue reading

Will definitely be ready for seedlings by next spring…

What Neglect

Of this blog, that is. But I’ve got a great excuse. We finally got several days of no rain all day and I took advantage of it to do the second layer of bricks on my vege garden. I also pretty much ignored the house so there was lots of catchup over the weekend… and … Continue reading

Building my garden

A record of the construction of what is going to be an awesome (inspiring much awe) organic vegetable garden. Oh how I hope. As at the morning of August 3: By late afternoon it looked like this: <br Finally all dug up. Starting to lay the bricks. /> As at 01 Sep. Just got a … Continue reading