School holidays: fun! (sarcasm font)

Well it’s the winter holidays. It’s cold and wet and the boys declined attending the extra week that their preschool offers, so they’re home for 2 weeks. I love them dearly, but with the demands of their little sister I can’t give them amazing amounts of attention and it’s pretty hard having things set up … Continue reading

Feed the frog

Sir A is a boy of many wonderful attributes, but a desire to put dirty clothes in the wash is not one of them. Lord B is pretty good, being a child who likes things to be in their place, but Sir A has zero interest. Perhaps he will acquire this virtue with age, or … Continue reading

Montessori at home 16/01/14 (including how to get your kids to do their own dishes)

I’ve been reading a lot about Montessori lately. I’ve also expanded the repertoire of activities or “works” in the house, and will share some of those eventually, but in the last couple of months I’ve come to realise that what’s important (particularly at home) is not having a shelf full of practical life works, but … Continue reading

Montessori at home

Nope, I haven’t started homeschooling. Sir A has just started Montessori. We started him early, at 2y8m, since Lady S is due two days after his birthday and we wanted him well settled by the time she arrived. With the summer holidays between now and then, he would only have had a couple of weeks … Continue reading

Getting jobs done

I’ve been so taken with my idea of having pictures on the freezer (most accessible magnetic surface) to show what needs to be done/give the boys choices of what to help with, that I’ve extended it to involve Amazing Husband as well. He’s always keen to help but doesn’t always know what needs to be … Continue reading