I’m a mother. Once that happens, it colours everything else. I’m Catholic. Ditto there. I studied law, history, and German at uni and met my amazing husband there. Got married, got pregnant, finished my degree, and started learning how to mother. Child count is currently: Lord B, born Sep 09; Sir A, born Feb 11. I imagine future children will become apparent as they come into being.

Some things I’m into: attachment parenting, whole foods, simple living, organic vege gardening, experimenting with nutritious things my kids will eat, gentle discipline, breastfeeding, being Catholic, sewing, music (singing, flute, piano), spending time with friends, reading, getting through each day without melting down, spending time with my husband, romping with my kids, imaginary teaparties, lying in the sun on the playroom floor while my sweet chidders play happily around me, coffee, chocolate, sauerkraut, juicing, natural health, bookface, trademe. Think those are the most important things.



One Response to “About”
  1. James Revell says:

    Hi Rose. Great interests… Ew sauerkraut!

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