Feed the frog

Sir A is a boy of many wonderful attributes, but a desire to put dirty clothes in the wash is not one of them. Lord B is pretty good, being a child who likes things to be in their place, but Sir A has zero interest. Perhaps he will acquire this virtue with age, or perhaps it will happen care of “feed the frog”.

Looks hungry, doesn't he?

Looks hungry, doesn’t he?

So at the supermarket yesterday, they had these awesome bins with different animals. I thought the pig would be pretty cool for this purpose, but Sir A’s favourite colour is green so he naturally chose the frog.

How does it work? Dirty clothes get fed to the frog (and I empty it when I empty the other little clothes’ baskets before putting on the washing).

Sir A LOVES it. He was complaining that there were no more dirty clothes to feed it. Then Lord B came home and he thought it was pretty awesome too. I’m hoping the habit establishes itself before the novelty wears off.


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