Detoxing life – where to buy funny foods

I’ve been busy, ok? I was sick for like 3 weeks (fricking ridiculous – note to self, don’t stop taking floradix in winter) and then in Dunedin for a week (hopefully I’ll get to that today too).

So, you’re trying to cut out the sugar, refined grains, and general processed foods. Or your might not be, but I get asked where to find things by people who are, and if you’re not, you should be. I can explain why later if you like 🙂

But you still gotta eat, right? Kids still want baking, for example. What to do? There are much better blogs than mine to tell you how to do these things, like But if you don’t live in the US, their ideas on where to shop are kinda not so helpful.

So, for those that live in No Zullund, particularly Hamiltron, here’s where I get stuff:

Bin Inn Dinsdale. It’s recently changed hands and each week there’s more awesome stuff. Gf, df, bulk, coconut oil, make your own peanut butter, seaweed, coconut flour, alternative natural sweeteners. You should really check it out. Of course some stuff is not cheap, but they now have most of the weird stuff I need, which makes my life much easier. Plus the owner lady is really nice and oohs and aahs over the baby, and doesn’t mind the boys…

Village Organics in Frankton. Ok I don’t actually shop there, but it’s got some organic fruit and veg and various weird hippie things. Worth a browse. Bamboo toothbrushes too, apparently.

Pak ‘n Slave Clarence St have a few more useful things in the hippie section these days, including coconut flour.

The Herbal Shop on Lorne St have a few bits and pieces like NZ seaweed (not full of Japanese radiation).

I haven’t priced up where the cheapest place for coconut flour is, cos I get mine in bulk in a Ceres Organics co-op. If you’re in the area and would like to join our co-op, let me know. Or get some friends together and start your own. Virgin coconut oil is waaay cheaper, for one thing.

I also get some bulk stuff from Gilmour’s. Not organic, obviously. When nuts are on special, you save a lot. When they’re not, you don’t. You also need a trader’s card to shop there, but they’re easy to get at our one – you don’t have to be a business.

For meat – Lifestyle Meats in Dinsdale has (not always; they make it in large batches) gf, df, preservative free sausages. Also free range chicken (usually they have drum/thigh meat off the bone for a really decent price, which I really like), which is in a “choose how much you want” section. Also Elite Meats near 5Xroads claim all their sausages are gf and preservative free. Mmmm boerewors.

Just discovered – free range, organic meat in bulk. Ordered a 1/4 beast. There goes most of my budget for the month but I won’t need to buy meat for 6 months so that’s ok. Sausages are pure meat – no nasty preservatives or other unnecessary things/allergens.

There’s also

Fruit and veg I just get from the fruit and veg shop. I’d love to get only organic but it’s just not feasible. My garden provides greens and a few other things. Yes, one  day I will write another garden log. Or weed log. Le sigh. (Update – ordered a fruit and veg box from Will see whether it’s worth the price tag…)

No pretty pictures for this post sorry. Maybe we’ll need another of Sweet Babybaba.

Just taking a whizz, Mummy (actually she didn't)

Just taking a whizz, Mummy (actually she didn’t)

4 Responses to “Detoxing life – where to buy funny foods”
  1. smokering says:

    You don’t need a trader’s card to shop at Gilmours; only to buy alcohol and cigarettes. Which is worth doing if you make your own vanilla essence, because they often have cheap vodka. But if you just want regular groceries you don’t need one.

    Do you know roughly how much per kilo the Lifestyle Meats free-range chicken thighs are? I’d be very happy if they were cheaper than Pak’N’Save.

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