Detoxing life intro

Recently I’ve had a few friends ask for my “expertise” on matters relating to getting healthier and getting rid of unnecessary toxins and other health-related stuff. I like how they think I’m an expert. I have learnt a heap but there’s still a LOT I don’t know. I guess I do have quite a bit so share though, so I’ve decided to write a series of posts, including links to various resources I’ve found very helpful.

I’ll cover things like:

  • healthier alternatives to commercial “personal products” (sounds like such a euphemism, but it’s mostly not)
  • information on nutrition – things that are actually pretty basic but sadly very uncommon knowledge
  • baby related things like how to avoid reflux (this won’t work for everyone, but worked for us this time round) and introducing solids
  • I’ve already got info on getting rid of chemical cleaners here, but there’s a bit more to say on that topic
  • stuff I haven’t done yet but would like to/need to in the future

It’s going to take a while owing to the insanity of life at present, but I’ll try to chuck something up at least once a month. Try. Remember African Baby? Lady S is African Baby number 2. Deliciously sweet, but oh such a cling-on. I’m hoping that once she’s moving and is able to be awake longer before getting grumpy, she’ll be able to spend her time exploring instead of getting outraged that no one’s talking to her. Self defence should get her moving quite early…

And to justify my slackness, a view of Her Royal Sweetsiness (who could resist wasting hours chatting with her?):

Playing with the fabric book a friend in Germany sent her.

Playing with the fabric book a friend in Germany sent her.



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