CHOCOLATE-COVERED COCONUT BITES (with minty option) (pretty much allergen free)

2014-04-23 14.03.41

Being very strictly dairy free this Easter (sweet Lady S is dairy intolerant too, surprise surprise, and Sir A is getting a lot more milk from me that he was pre-birth so I’d have to for him anyway), and having limited time in the kitchen, I had to come up with some quick and easy treats for us. I saw something similar to this on some other blog but of course couldn’t be bothered following their instructions, so here are mine.

  • Get some dessicated coconut (around 2 cups) and put it in the food processor with a large dollop or two of coconut oil. Whizz until the volume has reduced a little and it’s clumping together nicely.
  • Press into silicon mini muffin tray holes and place in fridge to harden.
  • Melt half a cup of coconut oil in “double boiler” (who actually owns a real one?) and stir in half a cup of cocoa and a tablespoon of maple syrup. For mint option, add a teaspoon of mint essence. (Yes, I made up those measurements. Just do it all to taste.)
  • Pop hardened coconut bites out of the moulds.
  • Pour a spoonful of melted “chocolate” into each hole, press the coconut bites back in, then pour another spoonful over the top.
  • Place back in fridge to harden, then either pop out and store in a container or just leave them in there till they’re all gone.

I also made a coffee version and a plain version but the coffee one didn’t set properly and the plain one had too much coconut I think. I would recommend just half filling the cups. The boys did most of the work for me (baby required attention, of course) so that batch varied in size… and chocolate quantity. I look forward to the day when the outcome is more important to them than the process, though by them they probably won’t want to work with me in the kitchen.

I hate mint and chocolate but apparently they were quite delicious.

I hate mint and chocolate but apparently they were quite delicious. Be warned though – they’re VERY rich.


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