I feel a little silly writing up this post and the next, cos they’re so ridiculously simple, but hey, it’s for my husband’s benefit more than anyone else and he needs proper instructions 🙂

There are two ways I tend to cook sausages.

Either I chuck them in the oven at 180 for 45-50 minutes (first pricking holes in them to let the fat out), or I do them in the frying pan. The oven method is much less maintenance and allows more sausages to be cooked at a time.

We have them either with chips or rice. If I do chips, I chuck them in the bottom of my stainless steel roasting dish with some coconut oil, put the grill/rack thing on top of them and the sausages on top of that. So easy. 10 min prep, 50ish min to cook, and you don’t really have to do much in between.

If I do rice, it’s on the stove for an hour or so (depending on what kind of rice – I’m having trouble getting short grain brown atm and the long grain brown takes quite a bit less time to cook).

Serve with sauteed onions and vege juice. Preferably drink the vege juice before you eat.

If you cook the sausages ahead of time (cos you happen to be baking and want to make the most of your oven use, or cook enough for two meals) you can eat them cold or just put them in the pan over the onions once the onions are almost cooked, cover, and they’ll heat up nicely 🙂

If you live in the Tron, the Dinsdale butcher (Lifestyle Meats) makes a whole lot of gluten free, preservative free sausages every couple of months. I stock up if we’re needing to be strict about wheat intake.


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