Fish and chips

Again, so simple it’s not really a recipe.

An hour before wanting to eat, put oven on 180 fanbake, wash and cut into chips as many spuds as you want, put them in stainless steel roasting dish with coconut oil, mix up to coat well once oil is melted.

If you’re making vege juice, wash and cut all veges so you can push them through while the fish is cooking.

15-20 minutes before wanting to eat, heat up heavy frying pan with coconut oil or butter, depending how dairy free you are.

I get 3 fillets of trevally and can fit half at a time in my pan. It’s the cheapest fish that is still yum and that much feeds our family well.

Once pan is hot, put in as much fish as you can fit. If you’re my husband, start juicing while fish is cooking. Flip over when the bottom is cooked, place in serving dish in oven once fully cooked (and switch off oven). Keep juicing. Cook rest of fish and add to fish in oven. Stick food on the table while you get everything else ready so it’s cool enough to eat by the time the kids get there đŸ™‚


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