Easy curry (mince or chicken) – allergen friendly

My kids LOVE butter chicken, but being full of cream, it does not love them. I had made a Thai curry with coconut cream and peanut butter but went off it after a few meals. One day I didn’t know what to do with some chicken, having overdone my wine and current chicken bake (will try to write that one up too; it’s delish) and had coconut cream and tomato puree to use up…


  • Chicken meat of choice to do your family for 1 – 2 meals or same amount of mincemeat. We use the standard stuff, not lean, cos fat is good, so there. And it’s much cheaper 🙂 My butcher is awesome and usually has thigh or drum meat off the bone, and for cheaper than breast meat. I’m talking chicken here. And it’s free range. We prefer thigh and drum meat cos it’s fattier and meatier and doesn’t dry out so much.
  • 1 bottle Leggos tomato puree. You don’t really want to use canned tomatoes cos the acid in the toms causes BPA to leach from the lining of the cans. Also puree is much more versatile, in my opinion, and works out pretty cost effective if you consider how many tomatoes are in there. And you can reuse the bottles 🙂
  • 1 can or half a 1l carton of coconut cream.
  • 2-4 onions.
  • 1/4-1tsp curry powder, depending on your family’s taste buds.
  • Optional: 1 capsicum.
  • All amounts are approximate and you can play around to see what your tastebuds prefer 🙂 (or cater to what’s in the pantry).



  • Give yourself an hour from start to serve. This allows time to prepare veges for however you’re consuming them and to deal with interrupting children if necessary. They will usually need you when your hands are full of raw chicken.
  • If you want rice with this, put some water on to boil and add rice when it’s boiling, then turn down to low and let simmer till cooked (if you don’t soak your rice, always slow boil to reduce phytates).
  • For chicken curry, cut meat up into smallish pieces. 10 bits of drum meat do for our family for one meal and bit left over. When you’re about halfway through, wash your hands and heat up Dutch oven (or whatever large, stovetop-safe cooking receptacle you own) with some butter, clarified butter, or coconut oil (depending level of dairy-free-ness).
  • For mince curry, omit the cutting up bit, and you don’t really need any oil or butter to cook it. I’d be using 1-1.5kg meat to last for two meals.
  • Chuck meat into Dutch oven. While it’s cooking, puree 2-4 onions depending on how much meat you have. Stir meat often with large wooden spoon.
  • Once meat is browned, chuck in onion puree, tomato puree, coconut cream, capsicum if you’re using it, and curry powder. For the mince curry, I also often add some frozen peas. Mix it all up.
  • Let it all simmer till you’re ready to eat, then guzzle with gusto, cos YUM.

The boys will eat the mince curry, but LOVE the chicken version. Tastes enough like butter chicken to please them but won’t make them break out in eczema 🙂


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