Chicken in wine, onion, and current sauce (allergen friendly)

This is a super easy (and much cheaper) version of a delicious Italian chicken dish I first made for my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary. My brother had to buy the alcohol for me with their money cos I was too young and poor lol.


  • Chicken meat of choice to do your family for 1 – 2 meals. My butcher is awesome and usually has thigh or drum meat off the bone, and for cheaper than breast meat. I’m talking chicken here. And it’s free range. We prefer thigh and drum meat cos it’s fattier and meatier and doesn’t dry out so much.
  • 1/2 cup – 1 cup dry white cooking wine
  • 2 onions
  • 1/4 cup currents (or less, cos lots of sugar in dried fruit)
  • Optional: tablespoon gelatin. My husband feels much more satisfied if there’s extra gelatin, plus it’s really good for your gut.



  • Give yourself an hour from start to serve. This allows time to prepare veges for however you’re consuming them and to deal with interrupting children if necessary. They will usually need you when your hands are full of raw chicken.
  • If you want rice with this, put some water on to boil and add rice when it’s boiling, then turn down to low and let simmer till cooked (if you don’t soak your rice, always slow boil to reduce phytates).
  • Brown chicken. If you want it to cook faster, cut into small pieces, but it goes in the oven for a while so doesn’t have to be cooked through in the pan.
  • While chicken is cooking, put oven on 120 fanbake.
  • As batches of chicken cook, place in an ovenproof serving dish in the oven to keep warm/keep cooking.
  • Once all chicken is browned and in oven, pour wine into the pan you were using and cook onions in it. Add the gelatin if using and stir in before the wine gets too hot. Make sure it boils to get rid of the alcohol, especially if kids are eating this meal!
  • Pour sauce over chicken, add currents, turn oven up to 180, and leave till all the chicken is properly cooked.

My kids won’t eat the onions so I’m just careful about how I dish up. They LOVE the currents and don’t mind a little wine sauce.

If you want to do a complicated, fancy version of this, coat chicken pieces in your choice of flour mixed with salt and pepper before browning, brown some slivered almonds before adding the alcohol to the pan, add brandy to the wine and burn off, and add a can of apricots to the dish. Oh, and omit the currents.


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