Oaty snacks: dairy free, wheat free, sugar free, nut free, can be egg free

2013-09-13 16.34.33Two things inspired the creation of this recipe: first, Lord B is now staying at Montessori for 1 lunch a week, which will go up to two next term and end up 5 by the time he’s five – there is a strict no nut policy, which makes things awkward since he doesn’t do dairy and also pretty much all my baking involves nuts in some way; second, the boys like baking with me but it’s not enjoyable when exact measurements are required – they get grumpy and I get stressed.

So, wanting some cookies I could send to school if there was space in his lunchbox, I had a look at a few on pinterest and came up with cunning ideas.


  • ripe bananas
  • coconut oil
  • oats (I soak then dehydrate then chop in food processor, so I don’t have to worry about presoaking or things taking forever to cook, or ending up with a bunch of phytates if no soaking takes place. It does mean they somehow take up less space though.)
  • a couple of eggs (can be omitted)
  • dried fruit of choice (we used sultanas, coconut, currants)
  • sunflower seeds, or other seeds, if you like – I used sunflower cos they’re sweetish
  • spices – cinnamon and allspice in our case
  • I also put in a pinch of baking soda but not sure if it did anything!


  • an electric mixer (food processor would be fine, but I wanted them to have lots of control)
  • greased cookie sheet
  • oven preheated to 160ish


  • chuck bananas in first so they mash – the kids have figured out how to open them now, so they did that, and controlled the speed of the mixer
  • then chuck in some coconut oil so it can get a bit mashed in (I couldn’t be bothered melting it)
  • slowly add whatever you like of the other ingredients, till the mixture is not too dry and not too wet –Β you can’t go wrong, really
  • basically let the kids do what they like – though I kept the ingredients out of reach and passed them cupfuls so I had some control. I put the mixer on their little table so they were comfortably seated. Really should have taken a pic. Oh well.
  • spread on cookie sheet and bake till firm and golden at the edges – I think it took around 20 minutes
  • cut into squares and cool, then guzzle

The boys loved them. They loved being able to play with the mixer, and not have Mummy say “stop!” in panic as they try to put in a cup of baking soda. It’s got no sugar but from the fruit, which is also a must to be school-friendly. I’ve heard stories about what’s been sent back home, “for later”. I’m not the most massive fan of large amounts of grains but it could be much worse, and overall I’m most pleased with my cunning idea πŸ˜€

2 Responses to “Oaty snacks: dairy free, wheat free, sugar free, nut free, can be egg free”
  1. angie says:

    interesting! I may have to give this a whirl! I wonder what the nutrition facts on this is… ingredient wise it sounds like a pretty good post workout food option. πŸ™‚

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