Garden log 11/08/13



You thought I’d given up on blogging, didn’t ya? Well, I couldn’t really be that bothered but also I’ve been growing a person, which takes a bit of effort. Plus it was winter. Who does stuff in winter?

But I’ve decided it’s now spring. Earlier in the week I cleaned up a couple of the vege plot beds and put in my strawberries. Turns out they could have used a little more water. And one was no more. But I still had 8. As soon as I put them in I realised I was out of straw (and also that that’s probably why they’re called strawberries?) but acquired some the next day. Phew.

Since I’ve decided it’s spring, that must mean it’s time to start sowing seeds. I have plans this year. To get going asap, since it was October before I could direct sow last year and got my seedlings going fairly late too.

So, today I sowed lettuce (let’s hope this works – haven’t had much success with lettuce but really want to be able to make salads), a couple more kales (last year’s are still going strong, plus a couple of younger ones, a couple of babies, and some red kale seedlings I bought), more carrots (hopefully now it’s warmer they’ll germinate and the older ones will get nice and big so I never need to buy carrots again), beetroot (older ones also still rather small), and silverbeet (though these have taken off again in the last couple of weeks). And marigolds in 4 borders.

Then I got too winded at and also other beds weren’t ready yet, but hopefully in the next week I’ll get in some peas, sweetpeas, dwarf beans, kohlrabi (see if it does anything this year), and broccoli (hopefully that will do something too!) I also have some flowers to get going.

Then I’ll get onto starting things indoors. Peppers and chillies, and tomatoes; gem squash (mostly for Mum), butternut, courgettes, gherkins – I accidentally caused an extra bed last year so the gourds get it, and I might stick one or two in other random spots in the garden too – my space allocations were not enough last year – also hoping butternut and gem squash will actually do something – the others were great last year but not the squash;  and maybe that’s it cos if other stuff doesn’t want to direct sow, I’m not going to worry about it too much.

My main issue atm is figuring out how to work the rotation. some beds are empty or were just green manure so I’m not really using what’s in it, but some are pretty well established, like the beets bed. I think I will try to transplant some of the silverbeet but the beetroot will have to stay put till it’s ready to be eaten. I’m sowing the next lot of those in a bed that’s half full of carrots, but the beets bed is for solanums so hopefully I can have enough cunning to use, move, transplant, and sow all in just the right combination that it works out. The old kale I’ll leave a little longer. One is now flowering so I’ll try get the seeds, let the newer ones get nice and big, and then maybe decide what to do with them. It’s only meant to be a green manure bed anyway. Really not sure what to do with the celery, which is doing really well now, but is SO in the wrong bed. Will have to try transplanting. The nasturtiums and chamomile will also be difficult to move/remove. Elbow grease. Ugh.

Amazing Husband hacked up one of the plumbagos a few weeks ago and will at some point turn it all into mulch for me. Have been enjoying the poopy mulch from a friend too. Random nutritious stuff that’s free is always awesome.

My lemon tree is still doing nothing. I’ve been going round on bike rides with the boys, envying many trees and wondering how I can make friends with the owners to use the poor unwanted lemons. Must feed it. My tree, that is.

Overall, the garden came through winter pretty well, and the beautiful weather we’ve started having some days is really inviting me to come give it some TLC. Can’t wait till the boys are old enough to help out properly!

I almost forgot! A couple of nettle seedlings survived the winter in the kitchen. They’re not looking great but they’re alive! Really not sure what to do with them but I guess I’ll figure something out!

The beets (also some perpetual spinach)

The beets (also some perpetual spinach)

The big old kale

The big old kale


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