Sleep log 11/05/13

Went to go to bed the other night and found this. Starfish? Crucifix?

Went to go to bed the other night and found this. Starfish? Crucifix?

Thankfully he was slightly disturbed by me and changed to this.

Thankfully he was slightly disturbed by me and changed to this.

Well, at the time of the last boyses update I’d said that things weren’t improving and were possibly even getting worse. I was also stressed about naptimes because Sir A still seemed to need a long nap but it was very inconvenient providing it. This got even more important when Amazing Husband started working away from home almost every day.

Two weeks ago some new friends came over in the evening. We thought there’d be no necessity of awkward kickings out if they stayed too late, since Sir A was sure to wake up and break up the party  naturally. Close to 11, after a wonderful evening of excellent conversation, they decided to go home. Sir A didn’t wake up till 2am. 2am!! That was 6 hours of straight sleep, something he hadn’t done since around 5 months.

He followed this with a few nights of midnight-ish.

And then he didn’t wake up till 6am. That’s 10 hours. This was followed by 4am, then some normal-ish nights and some more 2ams or 4ams.

No, he’s not consistently sleeping through the night, and most mornings he wakes between 5 and 6 and feeds till it’s get up time, but it’s a great improvement on 10ish then every 1 or 2 hours.

Naps have also improved. I’d had this idea that if I nightweaned him he’d miraculously sleep for his whole nap, but I didn’t really feel like trying it out. The first couple of days with no AH at home he fell asleep in the car and slept for an hour. Certainly better than 45 min. He has had the odd only 45 minuter, but it seems that his sleep cycles have increased to around 50 minutes. Some days that’s all he does, other days it’s an hour or 1hr10, or he might go back to sleep feeding in the playroom. But overall he seems to be getting enough sleep and I’m not dying of stress, so I’m thinking this is ok till he drops his nap in a year or so.

Oh, one new thing I’m not liking – I seemed to have mostly convinced him that scratching my chest as he drops off is a no go, but now he’s taking to wanting to touch my tummy. In itself much more comfortable and less annoying, only the nights are much colder now and I don’t really want gaps in my clothing! But I get a free heater in my bed in return, so I guess I can’t complain too much. And he’s using the blanket for some of the night now, so it’s easier to stop the gaps teehee.


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