Blueberry instant pudding

Apparently Americans really like that packet instant pudding stuff? Not knowing a huge number of Americans, I could be wrong, but it’s the impression I get. Can’t say I’ve ever been partial, but when one does feel like an instant dessert, this one is great. And so easy.

There are two options – very ripe banana and some frozen blueberries, or that plus add some coconut cream. The first one is more like a sorbet; the second more like a pudding of the packet variety. I’m also guessing frozen banana, frozen blueberries, and coconut cream will work, which is what I’m going to try tonight. Probably any berry and many other fruits would work just fine. The only other one I’ve tried is frozen cranberry, which was indeed tasty.

This one has coconut cream too.

This one has coconut cream too.

All you need to do is chuck the ingredients either in a food processor and whizz or in a bowl and use a stick blender. Or, I suppose, a blender, but i hate cleaning them and avoid them. And yes, the boys loved it. If it passes the Dad-test tonight I’ll be very happy (might need to add some maple syrup to his…)



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