Boyses 20/04/13


Sir A has taken to learning anything his brother can say. Like, “one more minute puff”. It’s just amazing how quickly he’s learning. Though it seems I understand a lot more than anyone else, owing to the fact that I’m with him pretty much 24/7.

Today is godbrother Eli’s birthday party and the boys dictated his card. Very bizarre.

They’re both saying “why?” a lot. It’s so much fun.

There are lots of other things but I can’t think of them right now.

Both boys have started singing a bit more. One morning on the way to school they sang nonsense duets the whole way. It was sooo sweet. Lord B likes to sing “God of Asians” (this is meant to be “God of Nations”, the national anthem, for non-Kiwis) and also a wordless version of the ABC song.

This isn't really talking but meh. Lord B has started "writing" his name on his schoolwork. It really bears no resemblance whatsoever but he's definitely trying to mimic letters - it's very different to what he draws.
This isn’t really talking but meh. Lord B has started “writing” his name on his schoolwork. It really bears no resemblance whatsoever but he’s definitely trying to mimic letters – it’s very different to what he draws.


Both boys are really into jigsaw puzzles atm. Sir A has finally cottoned on to how they work, and can do the 12 piece puzzles. He even got some pieces together today of the 36 animal and alphabet puzzle. I’m most pleased that he’s no longer just trying to force pieces together, though I’m suspecting he was just pretending to have no concept of puzzles so he could wow us when we least expected it. Children are cunning like that.

I stupidly attempted to play a board game with Lord B, using a car and a boat as the counters, following the rules. It was his choice to play by the rules. But I think he had no concept of what that meant. It was one of the most frustrating episodes of my existence. The second time he wanted to play it and told him he could make up the rules. That was much less frustrating (though still a little, cos I like rules!)

Lord B spends ages atm playing with cars and men and trains and whatever and making up dialogue. Sometimes I think he’s talking to me so I answer, only to be told “I’m not talking to you, I’m talking (insert relevant object)”. Sir A has also picked up on this phrase. They use it a lot in the car – how dare anyone answer but the person addressed? Never mind it’s really hard to hear them and figure out either what’s said or who is addressed.

A new favourite game with many variations is jumping on each other. Yesterday it involved on sitting on my tummy (I was lying on the floor with my feet on a couch) and saying “stop” while the other slid down my legs and crashed, whereupon they both fell to the ground laughing.

Now the weather is turning crap it’s time to get more imaginative, since we can’t just send them outside to burn off energy. Today AH built them a huge fort out of various objects of furniture. They had a picnic inside. And stories.

2013-04-21 17.06.18 2013-04-21 17.06.51 2013-04-21 17.07.07

2013-04-21 17.05.35

I think it’s time to introduce “socks” – a game my dad made up, where one takes old socks, bundles them and fastens them with elastic, then throws them at one another. It’s a really good workout. Lord B has an amazing arm and Sir A is slowly getting there so I’m thinking it could work. We’ll just have to figure out the least damageable part of the house.

Sir A might slightly better get hide and seek now. We haven’t tried it for a few weeks. (Update – no, he still gets sad.)

They also really like playing a game involving taking turns going into the crawl space next to the dormer window and having the other slam the door shut, then swapping. It’s rather loud and potentially finger crushing though. Won’t encourage it further.

They're both very much into books atm. This is pleasing.
They’re both very much into books atm. This is pleasing.

Lord B is getting quite good at tidying up after himself. “So Mumi doesn’t play with it”, is his justification, which isn’t the reason I want him to do it, but at least he’s forming the habit, I guess. Sir A mostly just gets one thing after another and plays with it for 5 seconds, making a huge mess.

They’re also both quite into playing in the sink atm. Seems to be a phase they go through every now and then.

And vaguely related to play – I think I mentioned a few weeks back that Lord B dropped a brick on Sir A’s toe. It seemed at first that under the nail was just bruised, but as it grew it split and has now mostly come off, thankfully with no sign of infection. There’s still a little but I’m hoping a trip to the doctor’s won’t be necessary (cheekily asked the husband (doctor) of a friend of mine in passing about it before it fell off and he reckoned it wouldn’t need attention so yay! didn’t have to waste time waiting/make phonecalls – I hate phonecalls). (Update – now that last little bit is off too.)


I’m busy working on a post all about a cunning plan we’re developing to help them participate more in Mass. It’s going sort of ok but I’ll need a few weeks of experimentation to have much helpful to report.


This is a depressing topic atm. Sir A stopped improving, and in fact got slightly worse. Thinking of just making him wake up when he does during the day and putting him to bed early if he only sleeps 45 min. Suspecting it’ll end badly. Many days he seems not to need to nap so early though, so could possible work if his day sleep needs are finally reducing. Also thinking of trying Dr Jay Gordon’s night weaning method to see if it magically makes him stop waking during his nap. Would be very painful.

Update: the last few days I’ve just been getting Sir A when he wakes from his nap and feeding him till he’s less miserable. I’m figuring if he really needs more sleep he’ll nod off on me in the playroom. He’s consequently been going to bed a little earlier, which works just fine for me, though might be tricky on Mondays when I have to put them both to bed.

The other night I went to Milk Club (La Leche League) so Amazing Husband put both boys to bed. It was such a pity kicking two of them out.
The other night I went to Milk Club (La Leche League) so Amazing Husband put both boys to bed. It was such a pity kicking two of them out.
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