Garden log 20/04/13

My very topheavy bergamot.

My very topheavy bergamot.

I have news! And further proof that sowing several different things at once without recording what is where is a bad idea. What I thought for ages was lots of radishes is actually buckwheat. Interesting mistake to make. And my mystery plant from the last garden log is the radishes! At least now I know what’s what.

And here are the lovely aloes that I mentioned last time.

And here are the lovely aloes that I mentioned last time.

Speaking of aloes, and on a semi relevant note, I’m very happy to have these extra plants. I’m on the hunt to find the perfect hair care solution for my hair and scalp (will announce it when I finally do) and I think these might have a place. Today I washed with honey then massaged in a chamomile and aloe tea and I think it’s working well. Will see how it goes. And yesterday I used some aloe gel to shave my legs and had pretty much no residual itching. This is very good, as I’d put it off for nearly an extra week (I have blonde hair, so there) cos the last few times have caused such unbearable itching (my post-shower itching always gets worse as the temperature drops). Most pleasing.

And back to gardens. I’m already thinking about how to sort out next year’s rotation and what to do differently/not do at all. I shall have to write out detailed plans in case I feel like following them. I know the growing year isn’t over yet but with many crops ending it does feel a bit like it, and I’m wanting to organise what I’ve learnt in my first year so I don’t forget! Coming soonish…

PS the day after I wrote all that we’ve had torrential rain and also hail. I think my onions might have karked it. No flowers are looking amazing. But the leafy things are loving this warm rain 🙂





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