Boyses 30/03/13 – sleeping, eating, and having a wah


Lord B seems to have come out of a food/vege juice strike, much to my relief. For weeks he was having hardly any juice, and saying things like “I can’t drink it much faster, I’ll get sick”. No idea where he got that idea. Anyway, he’ll eat carrots and apples as is but I need to get greens into him too, so I decided he might like it more if he had more control over the making process. He helped me make the juice for a few days, then the novelty wore off, but in the process he’d a) taste tested pretty much everything that went in (broccoli and capsicum too, much to my surprise), and, b) got over his control issue around not drinking juice. He’s now back to scoffing it and asking for more most nights. And for some reason Sir A is drinking less now, but I tend to worry less about him.

Lord B has also been rejecting a lot of his food, which is nothing new, but tends to stress me out a little. He doesn’t exactly have reserves. One night I knew he wouldn’t eat the saucy chicken etc I was planning to make with leftovers, so I heated him up some chicken and rice separately – and, I might add, he’d said quite determinedly that he wanted both – and he wouldn’t eat a mouthful. Boy was I unimpressed. So I (once I was calm) informed him that I wasn’t going to make him separate food anymore and if he didn’t like what we were having he’d have to miss out.  I know it’s hard for him to try new things and I want to make it as easy as possible, but there has to be a line or I will go insane. More insane.

He also spent several successive dinners demanding tuna and melting down that we’d run out (cos he ate it). He really likes savoury onion tuna.

Both boys are slugging back the water kefir like anything. Nice to get some probiotics into Lord B. I’ve learnt a lot about water kefir recently. Think I’ll need to write it up some time.

Recent injuries: 

Sir A got stung by a bee. We were picking up apples at the orchard wherein my brother’s family lives and I was looking after the childers cos Sir A mostly didn’t want to be put down. He’d left his sandals at home and was barefoot. Suddenly he started howling and I noticed a bee crawling off his foot (outrageous that it was still alive) and a sting in his toe. I picked him up and ran back to the house, only an electric sheep fence had been erected while we were busy. Thankfully it was not yet on, but I figured it was as good a time as any to get my first fence-shock if it was to happen. Rushed inside and located a knife and cut it out, then sucked his toe just in case. That was gross. I’m not sure if it was bee venom or dirt that tasted so bitter. He was most sad but rallied admirably when hot cross buns were brought out from the oven.

The cousins post post-sting buns.

The cousins post post-sting buns. I think the bit on the plate is Miles’ rejects. Mmm.

Lord B dropped a brick on Sir A’s toe a couple of weeks ago. Different toe to the sting. There was blood and tears and soo much wahing. The sweet child wouldn’t let me clean it properly and Amazing Husband wasn’t home to hold him down, but he jumped in the bath later happily enough, to my surprise, so that cleaned it enough to see the damage. The nail isn’t look great atm. Might have to take him to the doctor to get it checked. Le sigh.


Lord B was given an Easter egg on Thursday. He very temperately said “I’ll have it after dinner” and was excessively put out when I informed him it needed to wait till Sunday. The next day I explained why (not sure why I didn’t do that to start with) and he was very thoughtful about Jesus having a sore head and being hit and people being nasty to him etc and quite happy to wait. Interesting what they can understand.

Sir A has far more tantrums than his brother, however. I thought the “terrible twos” were a myth until recently. This afternoon I tried to get him to wee after his nap (it had been 4 or more hours so I knew he’d be pretty uncomfortable) and he didn’t like that. I think it took about half an hour for him to stop wahing (including much surprise when his bladder emptied itself unbidden – thankfully on tiles). He was determined to be miserable. Didn’t want mim, didn’t like Mummy being a doggy (actually he did, just not enough to let the laughs take over from the crying), and various other things I tried to cajole him into playing. Eventually he got distracted by a puzzle Lord B was doing and cheered up. The word “mule” comes to mind. He gets violent too, which I can sometimes use to make him laugh by turning his smacking into high fives, but that only works if he’s just still thinking about having a tantrum.

He’s also developed the most hilarious facials. He gives the best evils (if only I could get a picture) and grumpy faces, plus thinking faces, cheeky faces. The list goes on.

A slightly sly look.

A slightly sly look.

I asked Lord B today, “when you’re sad like Mumi (during the tantrum), do you want me to leave you alone or stay with you?” He was certain he wanted me to stay, even though he often tells me to go away in the heat of the moment. Interesting, I thought, and not at all unexpected.

Sleep: I almost forgot sleep. Not too much to say – Sir A was going through a path of waking really early (around 6-6.30), then we had a couple of nights where we both woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep for 1.5hrs, but for the last week or two we both seem to be sleeping well. At least, I’m not waking up before the alarm goes off and I couldn’t really tell you what he’s doing most nights, so it must be good. Though he seems to like sleeping at the wrong end of the bed some nights, which is odd and a bit pesky. But hey, he’s sleeping.


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