Boyses ??02/13

I started this a month ago. Maybe more. I think I’ll just publish it and start another one…


Sir A is talking better and better. He’s grasped the concept of imperatives well: “Move!” “Go over there”, “Go away”, “No Mummy, stop it!” (he uses that one when I’m doing Zumba. A simple “No Mummy!” is used often if I mistake where his sweet wee digit is pointing in a picture and misname something. Or if I breathe at the wrong time. Or if I just don’t read his mind). Another favourite phrase is “too yate!” (too late), which he learnt when we were late one time. Has totally grasped its meaning, but does use it correctly too. He lies playing trains and shouting “too yate Wagon! too yate!) (Wagon is Henry, his special train). This morning Lord B didn’t want to go to school. He had a bit a cry in the car, poor Sweets, but was over it by the time we got there. On the way to pick him up, Sir A pretended to cry and said “no school today”, then giggled when I figured out he was mocking his poor brother.

Sir A is now saying thankyou in a way that actually sounds like thankyou! I must say, he doesn’t say please all the time, but thankyou is very firmly entrenched in his daily vocab. (As I type he’s sitting eating oatcake and drawing and bouncing on his stool and being all nakey and sooooo sweet).2013-03-08 15.19.16


Lord B has uncharacteristically been waking up a bit. Thankfully not my problem. The other night he woke up and accusingly said that he wanted his pillow and blanket back. Sir A is still slowly improving. He’s been waking up earlier and napping longer, which actually is ok by me cos then I get more time to ZUMBA before I have to feed everyone 🙂


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