Banana zucchini loaf?

So I’ve had my first major baking flop. I was intending to make this loaf. It looks like a loaf, right? Here’s mine.


Yup, pudding. I did let it cool a little before turning it out, and I had been wondering how it would be a loaf with so little flour and so much banana.

Predictably Sir A loved it and Lord B wouldn’t try it. Jury’s still out for me. I liked it but didn’t – the zucchini made it a little bitter. Other than that it was nice, and had a good texture.

Will I try it again? Perhaps… But I”ll do it my way, instead of following the instructions exactly. I mean, I never do exactly what they say – perhaps I have some baker’s intuition after all.

2 Responses to “Banana zucchini loaf?”
  1. Hi Rosemary, Sorry to hear you had a flop. Obviously, I didn’t, and I made the recipe three times. However, seeing that some people have had issues, I am waiting for more coconut flour to arrive so I can make it again. I’ll be make the current version and some experimenting to see why others are having problems. Also, things like moisture in the air (depending where you live), the oven temperature and how it works, and the exact measurements can alter results of any recipe… but I hope you give it another try and it does work! Happy experimenting!

    • Ah moisture in the air could have something to do with it. It’s pretty humid here. It’s amazing how things can seem exactly the same and turn out so differently! But my zucchini was also pretty damp. Will have to see how you go again and get some more ideas on how to adjust it 🙂

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