Mexican chocolate cake – my birthday cake


Yeah, not heaps left!

I haven’t had a birthday cake in years. Mostly cos who would bake it but me? And until now I’ve been a very unconfident baker.
Then I discovered non-conventional baking, with no grain flours (other than the rye I use in my sourdough and some oat flour I occasionally make and use) and no other crap.
So I figured I could probably manage a cake for myself this year, and, gasp, I may even make the children’s cakes from now on! Or maybe I’ll give the recipe and ingredients to my sil. We’ll see.
So I liked the look of http:// cake. I’d wanted to acquire coconut flour and cacao for a while but couldn’t justify the large expense for everyday baking. It could be my birthday present to myself 🙂

I managed to keep the boys out of the kitchen till I was ready for them to work the food processor, since the recipe was a little more tricky than what I usually attempt.

And of course I couldn’t resist changing things – I used 100g chocolate and cut down on the honey and molasses, cos I didn’t feel like weighing the chocolate and am running short on the honey and molasses. And I misread and used 1Tbs instead of 1tsp cinnamon. And I added a little maple syrup, used less vanilla, and halved the cayenne.

Verdict? A little dry, and I won’t put any cayenne in next time. Lord B didn’t like it spicy and I didn’t mind it but would prefer it not.

I made some ‘icing’ out of dates (handful), frozen cranberries (handful), and coconut oil and cacao to get a good consistency. Delicious! But must be made with handheld blender – too little stuff to do anything in a normal blender or food processor.


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