Day 4 of being awesome

The jobs that generally come up as needing to be done. Not my finest drawings ever, but they're mostly recognisable!

The jobs that generally come up as needing to be done. Not my finest drawings ever, but they’re mostly recognisable!

So the reason I was wanting to change things around here was so the kids would play together again, we’d all have more fun, I’d get more stuff done, and I’d regain my sanity.

Took all of 2 days.

Of course it hasn’t been perfect, but today the boys spent the majority of the afternoon playing together without any need for me to intervene. Yesterday too.

We’ve kind of been using step one (doing something fun together before moving on to chores) but it hasn’t really been necessary.

It seems the major thing was getting Lord B to be more independent – it’s like he’s a new child! Or rather the one he was before we got into bad habits. Either way it’s awesome.

On today's list

On today’s list

The other thing that’s really helped is linked to that – doing my jobs with them. I hastily came up with a cunning plan to put this idea into effect.

The picture at the top shows the jobs that generally need to be done and are adaptable to involve small boys. I choose 4 or so and put the pictures on the freezer so everyone can see them but Sir A can’t reach them… lol. Then we can choose what to do first and what they’re going to help with by participating, and what they can help with by playing nicely and leaving me alone.

Once they’re down I can turn them over so we feel like we’ve accomplished stuff.

There is a nice side effect of this system – keeping up better with the housework! We’ve done more in the last couple of days than we normally get done in a week 😀 Hippy group today was all about using microfibre for cleaning (more on that when I get the chance – at this rate it might even be soon!) and other than that we only use baking soda, salt, vinegar, and other non-deadly things, so they’re able to help quite bit in their own little way. (I just have to do it properly when they’re not looking so they don’t feel their contribution is not useful.)

Let’s see if I can train them up super well in the next couple of weeks so they can take over all the cleaning and I can spend the time blogging teehee.

One Response to “Day 4 of being awesome”
  1. AfricanKiwi says:

    oooo I like that idea of using pictures to get things done…might have to nick that idea 🙂

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