Garden log 21/02/13

2013-02-20 15.15.02

Finally got some ripe tomotoes 🙂

2013-02-20 15.14.41

Capsicums slowly changing colour – great size!

2013-02-20 15.14.18

Hello capsicums!

2013-02-20 15.13.45

Zucchinis doing wonderfully, but have some mildew which I’m treating with a milk spray.

2013-02-20 15.13.24

I sprinkled a bunch of marigold seeds about to see what happened. Apparently they’re rather hard to germinate? Not this time! Have transplanted a bunch in place of the mortar to separate the beds.

2013-02-20 15.13.12

Still no sign of broccoli 😦

2013-02-20 15.13.00

A magnificent example of dandelion (which I didn’t take advantage of when it was young) and my celery is getting bigger. Have put in a bunch more seedlings too.

2013-02-20 15.12.48

mmm cherry tomatoes

2013-02-20 15.12.42

Ate those yesterday. They were delish.

2013-02-20 15.11.58

Got lots of little ones coming too 🙂

2013-02-20 15.11.36

Bird netting seems to be working.

2013-02-20 15.12.53

Borage is getting huge and sending up new shoots. Think I’ll pot it next year and lump it around with the strawberry bed cos it takes up way too much space! Got a permanent one in the vege garden anyway.


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