Sleep log: Sir A 30/01/13

P1020780So in the last post I think I had two goals – persevere with not feeding him to sleep in the evening, and persevere with rescuing my nipple and escaping if he woke during his nap.


The two evenings after the last post made me rethink that idea. Sir A was VERY sad when it was time to say goodbye to mim and I almost gave in both nights but he dropped off just in time. Then I realised it was cos he was overtired, so the next day I ignored goal 2 and made sure he had a huge nap to catch up. It really helped. Since then I’ve had no trouble, though he pretends he won’t say goodbye to mim, cackling all the while.

As for night times – well he’s had the odd wake up after not so long evening, but no longer is it a guaranteed 1.5 hours after going to sleep. In fact he only did that the days he was overtired, which used to be a guaranteed 45 min. One night he only woke up twice the whole night I think! And often he won’t wake up till after I’ve gone to sleep.

Quite a few times he hasn’t seemed to be able to drift back of while sucking and I’ve had to say “that’s it”. Sometimes he objects quite a bit but not always.

Several times he’s “woken up” but only for a second and settled himself.

The last two nights he’s woken up requesting mim and I’ve wondered why he’s still whimpering when I’ve availed him of it only to discover I offered it to his arse. Not sure how he ended up top to tail…

I discovered we both sleep much better with the duvet instead of just the duvet cover, even if we don’t use it half the night cos it’s so hot. But at least we don’t get tangled up in it all the time.

The last few days he’s been waking rather early. Sometimes he goes back to sleep and stays asleep when I get up to make breakfast, but others not so much. This is annoying since Lord B is back at Montessori now so Sir A has to stay awake a bit longer before his nap… hrmpf.

Overall, though, things are looking good.


Well after realising that an hour instead of 1.5 made Sir A really cranky I semi gave up on the idea of liberating my nipple when he woke up. Lord B seemed mostly happy playing by himself, without being pesked (haven’t had to resort to tv at all, yay!!) so I wasn’t worried about him anymore.

The two days before today Sir A did 1.5 hours all on his own – score! Today Amazing Husband took him for a walk so he could go to sleep while I went to pick up Lord B, and I had to feed him back to sleep when AH had to go out, so that didn’t work quite as planned. I’m hoping, though, that the trend will continue. Not too much, cos he’s done two days in a row before and then not for weeks, but it could be different this time! It would be very handy though, since today Lord B didn’t want to play by himself, having had “peace and quiet” all morning at school, and kept trying to bounce on the bed while Sir A slept.

We shall see what happens tomorrow! And did I mention how AMAZING it is to have 2 hours to ourselves in the evenings? Even if half of it is spent making water kefir and muffins and sourdough.

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