Prequel to the sleep logs

Some people may be wondering why I’m getting excited about Sir A only waking 2 or 3 times in a night. This is for them.

2012-07-07 14.20.10At 2 months Sir A was self settling and sleeping 12 hours straight. Dream baby, you would think. His weight was also starting to plateau (from 2.5 months to 5.5 months he put on only 200g, and lost it again). Nappies were virtually dry in the morning and various other issues were arising which indicated he was not getting enough in and not keeping enough in. But that’s another story.

Around 5 months he started waking up again, once or twice a night. Not too bad, really; I’d feed him and he’d go back to bed. Then I started falling asleep and not putting him back for a while. And he started getting harder to get to sleep in the first place. Before long he was starting the night in his own bed, coming into mine partway through the night, and staying there. And waking up more. And then I stopped bothering with his own bed and went to full time bedsharing in the hopes that I’d get more sleep.

The first two weeks were hell, but then I learnt to feed in my sleep and it wasn’t such a big deal anymore. Except for that it was increasingly difficult to get him to sleep in the first place, and he woke half an hour, then 45 min, then who knows how often after going to bed. It was doing my head in.

The half an hour after going to bed thing lasted ages. Then it went to 45 min. Just in the last few months it’s gone to 1.5 hours, which was getting really annoying since he’d wake up around the time Lord B was finally going down. How are we meant to have more babies?? But now Lord B is going to sleep at the same time as Sir A, and things are improving with Sir A too.


Falling asleep on Mummy. I could only feed him to sleep upright.

Naptimes, which had never been super easy, became impossible – he’d only sleep on me, pretty much. Couldn’t feed him to sleep because of the reflux, so ergo it was. That got exhausting twice or more a day. Then it went down to only twice a day, but also got harder to get him to sleep. Finally now he only has one sleep and it’s easy to get him there, by a quick feeding down. This post has a few more details.

There was a whole lot of other stuff that was lame but that’s the gist. Now perhaps you understand why I’m getting excited!


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