Boyses 30/01/13

Oh how sweet my boyses are.

Lord B goes back to school

The latest masterpiece

The latest masterpiece

So yesterday Lord B went back to school. He was not keen on the idea, being convinced he was going to miss us horribly. Mrs Townsend understands his nature and was fine with me sitting on the “resting chair” for a bit while he settled in. I really wasn’t sure how long to stay, and couldn’t quite leave while he was busy with something. He joined in with a group activity but looked miserable and came for a cuddle a couple of times. Then morning tea was suggested and off he went. I didn’t know he could cut an apple with a knife! His friend Jacob went to join him, and I decided he was ok when he announced (after Jacob had asked for the remaining apple) that he had to put the tray away. In quite a “don’t mess with the routine, dude” kind of way. So after he was done I said goodbye, and Mrs Townsend took him to read a story. She is amazing, btw.

When I went to get him he was playing very happily with a ball and some other children. He tried to hide the smile on his face when he saw me, as if thinking he wasn’t allowed to enjoy himself. Turned out he’d had a great day, with nice “peace and quiet” (ie from his brother).

Today he wasn’t super keen on going, but not that against it either. He wouldn’t talk to Mr Finsen (sp?) poor chap (never wants to) but was happy to go off with Mrs Townsend. I waited in the foyer this time, so he could see me through the door window if he needed to. He looked at me a few times, then the intervals between glances increased and I figured he was fine. He said he wasn’t super happy when he realised I’d left, but could’ve been worse!

When I went to get him he was proudly leading the class with Mrs Townsend and looking quite happy. His first words to me, having noticed that Sir A was not with me, were “can we go for ice-cream?”. Just down the road from school is a cafe and shop with strawberry fields that sells freshly fruited ice-cream, and sometimes Amazing Husband would take Sir A for his sleep so I could take Lord B for ice-cream. Cheeky monkey. We didn’t stay to play (has a slide and things, too) but did have a quick ice-cream.

All in all I think he’s settling back in well. Better than I expected.

Sir A

Sir A has been missing his brother. We went to Mass/a talk at Rimbrook yesterday and he was unusually quiet. It was weird, but great! I could actually hear! Both yesterday and today he asked a couple of times where his brother was. They have been quite inseparable lately and mostly playing really happily together (woot!)

This evening Sir A was objecting to having to go to sleep and I was asking “are you cross?”, “are you sad?”, “are you upset with me?”, which all got a grumpy “no”, so I tried something different – “are you sweet?”, to which the cheeky bugger replied “mmmm” in his way that means yes.

This morning while having our eggies he was doing the eggie dance and singing between mouthfuls “yekkie yekkie yekkie yekkie dance”. Too freaking cute.

Sir A is finally using toilets! One day I decided I couldn’t be bothered lugging the potty about anymore, and it’s frowned upon to have him urinate in gardens not one’s own, so I stuck him backwards on a toilet and we were away laughing. Also tried him on a baby toilet – the first time was fine, but the second time his legs weren’t spread enough and it didn’t end so well. Oh well, at least I no longer have to carry a potty everywhere I go 😀

Sleep update here.


For various reasons I’ve started making breakfast instead of Amazing Husband. The biggest problem has been that Lord B has then had his mim directly before we try to get him to eat. Didn’t really happen. So I came up with a cunning idea of mobile porridge in these muffins, which of course he wouldn’t eat to start with. I even cunningly tried to pretend that Nanny had made them for him (no doubt there’s a rule against that sort of deception) but he wouldn’t have a bar of that. No sugar or chocolate? Can’t have been from Nanny. (It was at her house.) He’s eating them now, but only since this afternoon.

So my next cunning trick was to make him an egg just before I went to get him, and shovel it into him before his mim. Oh yeah, how clever am I? He ate almost all of it, so I didn’t have to worry about sending him to school on an empty stomach (breastmilk doesn’t take long to digest).

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  1. It occurs to me that that picture looks quite a lot like a placenta.

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