Boyses 17/01/09

Have I mentioned lately how sweet my boys are? It’s kinda something that can never be said enough. Except for it might induce vomiting, but that’s not my problem 😀

2013-01-01 17.04.07

“Bidge!” (sic)

The boys seem to have finally figured out how to play with their train tracks together. (Of course after writing that they’ll start fighting like billy-o over them again.) This morning I could here them passing thing to each other, saying, “here you go” (ee go, Lord B; ah den, Sir A), and thank you (nankoo, Lord B, ah den, Sir A).

(On a side note, I’ve decided that Sir A is actually German, since he uses the same phrase for thank you and here you go. Never mind that in Sir Aese it also means ok. Details.)

I LOVE it when they play together. Most of the crying now is shortlived and sorted out between them, though there are plenty of skirmishes I need to intervene in too. But it’s much improved on a couple of weeks ago.

The nicest thing is when they tell me what happened. For example, I’m in the kitchen. Lord B comes in. “What you doing, Sweets?” “Oh I need a closs (cloth) cos um I pushed Mumi down the stairs and um there’s blood.” Or, me, “Why’s Mumi sad, Sweets?” “Well, um, cos he was trying to cuggle me and I didn’t feel like having a cuggle so I pushed him and so he’s sad.” Then we have a talk about it so they know for the future what more appropriate behaviour is. Clearly something is sinking in since they’re fighting less 🙂

The fez can only enhance the exceptional sweetness so why not add it?

Sir A started biting. Though he’s only done it twice that I know of. Poor Lord B has a bruise on his arm. We’re teaching him that teeth and people don’t mix – we’re for kissing – but teeth and food is good. “Why?” he says. Hopefully he’s over the experimentation by now.

The after-bath ritual is putting a towel on like an Arab and then coming to show Mummy how sweet one is. One is exceptionally sweet.


Well, if you’ve been following the sleep updates… Let’s just say Lord B is a lot less meltdowny since he’s getting more sleep, and until today (which is tomorrow according the the start of this post, cos children) Sir A was super meltdowny cos he was getting really low on sleep. Today he napped for 3.5 hours between Amazing Husband and Mummy. I assume his mood is better – he’s gone out for a bit.


Hmmm, for some reason Lord B has felt it necessary to urinate on the floor, quite deliberately almost every time – that’s with the benefit of the doubt – in the last few days. Not quite sure what’s going on there, though it could be related to his anxiety about going back to Montessori. In theory he goes back on the 29th, but I have a feeling we’re going to have to ease him into it. And yesterday he used the potty but then tipped it on the floor. Nice.

Sir A has also been a little monkeyish with wees, mostly about refusing to go. It seems the novelty has worn off. But he really likes going on the grass, so that’s working for now. It’ll be really nice when his bladder gets bigger and he doesn’t have to go so often! But he’s doing really well with poops, after the poop on the train tracks incident a couple of weeks ago.


Who needs to eat, right? Both boys went off their breakfast for a few days. I think they were actually sick, since Lord B got a fever no long after and Sir A was a little off too. They’re eating breakfast again now though.

Lord B is still fussyish, especially at dinner time. Doesn’t like anything in a sauce or that isn’t chicken or sausages, though he will eat plain mince patties. With cheese and sauce. BUT, he’s very fond of the young pea pods straight from the garden, as well as freshly pulled carrots. I find this most pleasing.

I’m so sweet.


Can’t think of all that much cos they’re learning so fast. Oh, Sir A has this new thing where he’ll yell a noun and a verb or adjective at you till you fill in the rest of the sentence for him. “DIGGER!” “WORK!” “Digger’s not working?” “Yup.” Or “DIDIDJ!” (Diesel 10), “BOKE!” “Diesel 10 is broken?” “Yup.” The yup is always quiet and satisfied sounding.  He has a few longer sentences, well, phrases, really, but mostly adopts the English-speaker-talking-to-a-foreigner approach.

Lord B is, of course, composing poetry on the spot and waxing most eloquent. By which I mean he repeats himself a lot but generally gets the idea across.

And some randomness

The boys got these cute lift-the-flap books from Ouma and Oupa. One of them is a bit

odd, though.

You think it's going to say "eagle", right?

You think it’s going to say “eagle”, right?

But no! I can't decide if it's a genuine mistake or a little sick humour, but Lord B thinks it's a great joke and shows visitors.

But no! I can’t decide if it’s a genuine mistake or a little sick humour, but Lord B thinks it’s a great joke and shows visitors.

2 Responses to “Boyses 17/01/09”
  1. AfricanKiwi says:

    wahahaha that book is awesome!

  2. Nell says:

    Love the polite train exchange! also that book is fantastic and I kinda want one too!

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